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I have a Scorpio Midheaven. She got me down to the point where it was uncomfortable to listen to. Like wow. Jan 30, 3. Jan 30, 4.

Jan 30, 5. Very inaccurate for me.

Jan 30, 6. What is a midheaven? Jan 31, 7. Jan 31, 8. Jan 31, 9. Jan 31, The Taurus midheaven was mostly on point. Especially the part about not being free and working for security. I think mine is really accurate because I have Scorpio ruled 10th house and Pluto which rules Scorpio is in that same house. Mine was on point. It makes sense because my midheaven is Gemini, same as my sun personality and mercury communication.

So basically, astrology is not as simple as it seems. Its not an exact science, some people don't match up exactly because other planets in their chart have influence. I really like her. Loved the Taurus midheaven vid she read me for filth lol. Funny this thread pops up because I was just watching one of her videos earlier today. She hasn't made my midheaven video yet, mine is in aquarius.

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I like her, and also KRSchannel. They both make videos that are quick, to the point, and funny. I like her too, she did a video on Venus signs and Mars signs, which were on point for me. And I"m a Gemini midheaven too. She didn't do my midheaven yet but I checked out some of her other vids Interesting channel thanks. My midheaven is Virgo.

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Yeah, Pisces Midheaven She is on point. Down to the family dysfunction during childhood :bulgy-eyes: I've seen her videos before but it was the "what I don't like about your sign" series, where she was being more humorous She said Pisces is regarded as the "trashcan" of the zodiac Feb 1, She didn't do mine! I"m an Aquarius midheaven.

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Feb 2, I've been following her for a minute and too have been waiting for her to do the Aquarius midheaven. I love the way she describes different aspects of astrology. No offense to her but I honestly didnot see her as professional astrologer at all.

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Her videos seemed more like her experience with people she met , generalizing everything. She sounded more like people at yahoo astrology section on sun sign astrology.


Ok getting insights to astrological sun sign is one thing but………. My western and vedic charts are super different… does it really matter which I use? Some of Alyssa's recent videos almost make it seem like she went through a religious conversion of some sort. Sounds like she did the honourable thing. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content hi guys my name is Nicole welcome to listen to the Stars my channel is pretty much dedicated to astrology Tarot the cards of truth and spiritual topics in general I interview interesting people and I do videos like this where I show you my own take on astrology so subscribe if you haven't or watch this video and then decide if you want to subscribe anyways we're going to talk about an interesting person today her name is Elissa sharp she is a Western astrologer she's very cool I found her astrology channel a very long time ago and I followed it and I haven't watched every video but I enjoyed the fact that she kind of took astrology which is a massive topic you have to study your whole life if you ever want to be good at it and she kind of made it more accessible more fun brought it to life brought it into like everyday life in a really cool way so I'll put a link to her channel and everything below but it's youtube.

Not confusing for a Pisces rising at all.

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Love the fact that u use tropical zodiac with vedic principles. I Would love a personal reading. Its just not in the finances right now.