Aquarius rising sign compatibility

No matter the person, Aquarius rising sign is an avid conversationalist. Stimulated by the mind, this zodiac sign is always on the lookout for something new and different.

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One of the most forward thinking of the zodiac, they are always up to listen to new ideas and formulate ones of their own. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. They may come across as a tad strange and quirky — because they are! People with ascendant in Aquarius fervently search for the most weird and different, in all of their dealings. This stems from their inherent curiosity as well as their love of the provocative.

Aquarius rising in astrology is a bit of a rebel, always liking to stir the pot. They have a distaste for authority and anything that might be confining to their unique way of life.

Nor will they be controlled. Try to control them and they might just start an insurrection. Get your rebellion sign reading.

Rising Sign Attraction...

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! These are the humanitarians of the zodiac — always with a cause and always looking to see the good in the human race. Aquarius ascendants often work in the social sector for this reason. They will try to convince you of their belief system though, yet they value freedom enough to respect your opinion.

They most likely will tell you why they disagree, but all because of their devout passion for making the world a better place. The Aquarius rising have a well-proportionate body. How much ever you age, it never shows in your face. You look young and fresh forever.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Your are one of those few who never have to worry about losing weight. You are usually taller than normal people, thus giving you an advantage over others. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! No matter the emotion, or lack thereof, Aquarius ascendant sign are open and honest in relationships. They are used to feeling somewhat left out of society circles and it has stopped bothering them. They instead embrace their differences.

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Test Now! The former endows you with an open mind and an innovative spirit, while the latter makes you self-restrained and reserved. As an Aquarius rising sign, you vacillate between, on the one hand, the urge to experiment and seek change and, on the other, the tendency to preserve the established order of things by conforming to tradition. Despite representing antagonistic forces, though, both Uranus and Saturn make you forceful and strong-willed.

You owe your resourcefulness and original way of thinking to Uranus, and your self-control to Saturn. Aquarius Ascendant people constantly seek intellectual stimulation and like to stay abreast of the times. They never falter in their determination to achieve their goals. They are unwavering in the pursuit of their aspirations and never discouraged by obstacles or setbacks. They are also remarkably skillful when it comes to getting practical matters in order. They usually value nothing above their family.

Aquarius Rising - Rising Signs

As an Aquarius rising sign, you are perceived as sharp-witted and dependable. You have a wide social circle, because your high-spirited, pleasant demeanor makes people enjoy and seek out your company. Aquarius Ascendant people run the risk of ending up alone because maintaining solid, functional, long-lasting relationships can be a challenge for them.

They need to learn how to keep their temper in check and to introduce greater variety into their life. When it comes to romance, they tend to be cautious and reluctant to let their guard down. They like to explore their options and to take their time before deciding to enter a committed relationship. Aquarius Ascendant men can be hard to understand and to keep up with because they tend to be original and very progressive in their thinking.

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They are unconventional, eccentric, captivating and very successful with the opposite sex. When they part with a romantic partner, they prefer to do so on friendly terms. Aquarius Ascendant women are humanistic in their outlook. They never cease to aspire to and to strive for both a better self and a better world.

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They constantly reinvent themselves. Their romantic life largely consists of a series of flings, as they tend to lose interest fast. When they are in a committed relationship, they often come off as emotionally detached. However, they are loyal to their significant other and willing to do everything in their power to make their relationship work. They need a partner who is practically minded enough to offset their own lack of concentration.

Find here all 12 combinations of Sun signs combined Aquarius rising sign.

Read the characteristics the Aquarius ascendant gives to your personality, in combination with your Sun. You are a rebel and an idealist, an unusually sincere and extroverted person. Independent and unpredictable, you surprise everyone around you with your words and uniqueness. You will go on many journeys throughout your life and may even marry someone who will often travel with you. Your desire for security and material things clashes with your independence and spirituality. Your parental family will play an important role in shaping your character and the family you create yourself will be influenced by your choices and your exceptional development.

You are a sociable and pleasant person who likes to communicate and make friends. Love plays an important role in your life and luck is on your side, as it will help you to make your dreams come true with the person with whom you will fall in love. With such a combination, the stork will visit you several times throughout your life. You are a very versatile person and are often innovative and play an important role in society.

You work hard to achieve your goals and you enjoy working with your partner. You want to have solid and decent relationships and, on many occasions, friendship precedes love. You are a person with strong willpower and are not afraid of difficulties and impediments. You have the talent to make your goals a reality as you are able to focus greatly on them and your actions always bring results. A collaboration or an individual may give you the opportunity to promote yourself and be financially successful.