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For instance, you know how people use the term, "last but not least"? Well, that couldn't be more appropriate for this enigmatic zodiac sign. Pisces is in fact the last sign in the zodiac, and this is definitely not a coincidence. Truth is, the cycle of the zodiac is an embodiment of our divine oneness. This might sound far-fetched, but haven't you noticed how even mother nature mimics the astrological seasons? Now, don't get me wrong, by no means am I compartmentalizing mother nature and the cosmos.

On the contrary, that's exactly what I'm trying to show you. It's all connected; we're all connected. Everything from the colorful characteristics of each of the astrological seasons, to the cyclical patterns of mother nature, intertwine with one another, and in turn, reflect onto our lives.

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After all, those who believe in astrology are well aware that the positioning of each celestial body can ultimately influence us here on Earth. For instance, the zodiac cycle kicks off with Aries, which also happens to be the first day of spring, right? Well, it's no wonder we use the term "springing forward," given that Aries is ruled by red-hot Mars, and we are instantly gifted with a surge of energy as soon as this season arrives.

I'll give you another example, holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah take place during Sagittarius season, and this isn't a coincidence either. Jupiter is Sagittarius' planetary ruler, as it is the planet of faith and hope, which is exactly what the holidays are all about. See what I mean? There's nothing serendipitous about astrology, nor the divine timing of the seasons. Now, I typically refer to the cosmos as plural, even though it's technically "singular," considering the fact that it is the universe, and all that is, but in the end, it's all a mystery. However, one thing's for sure, and it's that there is something much much greater watching over us all.

It's something massive and unexplainable, but in typical Pisces nature, we have to remember one thing: Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. However, there are also solutions to problems in these same areas, making it an excellent time for getting issues out into the open and putting them behind you.

A Summary of the Pisces Zodiac Sign

A loan, bonus, refund, or mortgage may come through, and a partner, if applicable, might enjoy a pay raise this month. Your spirits lift considerably in the last week of the month, and regarding love and friendship, you're more inclined to put your faith in others rather than question their motives. The is particularly fortunate for love, communication, travel, and making connections. In particular areas of your life this month, you're feeling more in charge, especially with educational pursuits and friendships or group endeavors.

New ideas and approaches to your social life can emerge and empower you. Starting with Mercury on the 3rd, planets entering your spirit sector ease self-expression and smooth out communications.

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Your outlook is positive, and you're seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problem areas. You find more pleasure in learning.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Information at Astrology Insight - Pisces Explained In depth

You're feeling inspired and allowing new ideas to flow. You're likely to learn quite a few things that will help your career and social prospects. You have less tolerance for lifeless, dry interactions and subjects. Freedom of movement is especially important to you, and feelings of being tied to a particular place or routine can leave you feeling stifled.

1. Pisces are escapists.

Aim to be flexible and avoid abrupt decisions or moves for best results. Towards mid-month, there can be revelations related to money, ownership, valuables, values, talents, sharing of responsibilities, and power dynamics.

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You see a matter more clearly, and part of this is because you are honest with yourself. Whether it's an important revelation about business or a situation that calls for standing up for yourself, this is a time that demands necessary changes and adjustments. Through these refinements, you're establishing greater feelings of self-worth, value, security, and comfort.

21 Secrets Of The Pisces Personality…

You're also getting in touch with needs that you were previously avoiding or too busy to notice. Mars heads into your solar eighth house on the 4th, and you tend to go all in or not at all with a relationship or project. Watch for impatience and aim to get in touch with what energizes and drives you. Venus, on the other hand, spends most of October in an open, light sector of your solar chart. Especially around the , your powers of attraction are incredible. There is smooth, natural energy for seeking out and enjoying new experiences, as well as for reaching out to others.

You may be doing more observing than sharing, but also enlightening discussions when you do engage. An opportunity to come to a greater understanding of a matter, a person, and even your life purpose emerges.

10 Things to Know About a Pisces!! - ZODIAC TALK

You're sure to enjoy some special opportunities to connect, converse, support, and solve problems this month. There may be a mystery to solve or a fabulous find. You can learn something of real value through research, and advances are made with support and business. The year puts much emphasis on your social life and your career or responsibilities, dear Pisces, with some lessons to learn and tidying up to do, but also excellent opportunities to advance your goals. You may be receiving wonderful feedback for your work, efforts, or talents, and this inspires you to do your best.

People in high places take a shine to you. Or, you take on a managerial role and feel comfortable in that role. Having a plan or a well-defined goal in mind can improve your life at this time. Your enthusiasm is brilliant now. Even so, Uranus moves out of your money house permanently beginning in March, and this can help steady, settle, and stabilize your resources and finances after a rather lengthy period of some unpredictability in these areas. From now until , Uranus will transit your sector of communications, mental interests, the mind, mental outlook, transportation, and connections.

This transit changes how you learn, think, communicate, and connect. New interests can come on suddenly this year and beyond. This growing need to develop and diversify on mental levels can take you interesting places in There is likely to be some trial and error involved with your interests and studies, and you may want to watch for sudden attractions to impractical ventures.