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Outside of the Magi Society, it is the Financial Astrologers who have been most aware of the value of Heliocentric Astrology. Ever since man first gazed up at the stars, we have had a feeling that somehow in some way, the stars are clues as to what happens on Earth. For thousands of years, astrologers have studied the stars and made predictions. Some were pretty darn good predictions; but some predictions were so far off the mark that astrologers were ridiculed.

Pluto was discovered only about 70 years ago and Chiron was unknown until Each such discovery greatly improved the ability of astrologers to make accurate forecasts. But there has been a part of the stars that astrologers have known about, but is almost always ignored. Very few astrologers take into consideration the heliocentric alignment of the planets even though we have known about them for a very long time. But Heliocentric Astrology fills the last huge gaping hole in the education of astrologers. Below is an example of why we say this. We have explained on this website and in our books that Turbulent Angles are signs of turbulence, and that the Nuclear Clash aspect formed by a Turbulent Angle of Jupiter and Saturn is a reliable sign of big problems.

This is true whether we are talking about a CAC formed by two persons, or about an alignment in the sky at any given moment. A Grand Cross creates six Turbulent Angles and is an unusual occurrence. From the days of the ancient Hebrew Prophets to this very day, the best astrologers have always known that when four planets form a Grand Cross in the sky, it is a sign that something problematic could arise. The Grand Cross is considered to be the worst possible alignment that four planets can form.

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In fact, on the day of the worst stock market crash in history, there was a Double Grand Cross. But the Double Grand Cross occurred only in the Heliocentric dimension of astrology. For those of you who may not know it, the position of the Earth appears in heliocentric charts, and we drew lines to point out the glyphs that represents the Earth. As is the case with geocentric charts, the Magi Astrology Heliocentric Chart includes the latitudes, which are the heliocentric equivalents of the declinations. It was the worst stock market single event disaster in history.

The Crash began at the opening bell on October 19, and was at its worst the next day at PM.

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This was essentially the exact moment when the Heliocentric Double Grand Cross was most exact and therefore at its worst. As the Double Grand Cross began to disperse because of the movement of Mercury , the stock market also began to recover. Note that there was also a Nuclear Clash Aspect in the Heliocentric sky during the crash. Now you know one reason we call that alignment the Nuclear Clash.

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The latitudes are the heliocentric equivalent of the declinations so latitudes will appear in all heliocentric charts used for Magi Astrology. Our main point is that if an astrologer did not take into account the Heliocentric Chart for the crash, and include Chiron and the latitudes, then the astrologer would have not known about the key astrological signs that clearly told us a crash could occur.

Magi Astrology has a rule called the Hour Rule. It says that when a meaningful alignment of the planets occurs, the actual maximum active impact of the alignment can be 24 hours before or after the PEAK of the formation of the alignment. The peak is defined as the time when the alignment is most exact. But it is important to keep in mind that the after-shock effects of the peak can linger on for a few more days and sometimes even a week.

Most people do not know this, but the Crash of was not what really devastated the US economy and caused the Great Depression. In fact, after the crash, the stock market actually recovered most of its losses quickly.

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But then it entered the worst bear market in history. During this worst of all bear markets, stock prices lost ground relentlessly and simply kept going down until July 8, On July 8, , it stood at Amazingly, this "all-time bottom" in the US stock market could also have been "obvious" by using Heliocentric Magi Astrology! Below is the Heliocentric Chart of the most historic low of the US stock market in the 20th century, cast for July 7, at noon. As you can see from this chart, there was also a Nuclear Clash Aspect on that day.

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In our third book and on this website, we have regularly explained that the alignments formed by Chiron with either Jupiter or Saturn are among the most important alignments. We believe these two pairings of planets are so important we gave them special names. These two aspects are crucial to the astrology of love but these same two aspects are equally important in Financial Magi Astrology, especially if they are formed in the latitudes in Heliocentric Astrology.

Quite often, the formation of either of these two alignments by Chiron in the heliocentric latitudes can help us to predict when a low or a high will soon be made in the financial markets. For example, this was the case the last two times these two aspects were formed in October or and August of On August 25, , in the heliocentric sky, Saturn was exactly contra-parallel to Chiron in the latitudes.

Those of you who keep a close tab on the financial markets will recall that the weeks immediately before and after that date were the most tumultuous weeks for the worldwide financial markets since the Kuwait War and Desert Storm. It was a mini-crash but it proved to be the shortest bear market in history. In terms of worldwide events, the mini-crash was due to a currency crisis that was precipitated by the collapse of the Russian Ruble and Russia's default on its sovereign debt.

For this reason, many have called this mini-crash the Currency Crisis Crash. You are probably surprised to see that besides the Heartbreak Clash Aspect formed by a contra-parallel of Saturn and Chiron, there was also a powerful Grand Trine. But this is exactly why we picked this chart as an example to use. We would like to illustrate the fact that there are often several important alignments in the sky on any given day. Sometimes, the preponderance of these meaningful alignments point in the same direction.

That was the case in the Crash of and it was also the case for the historic low that the stock market made in July of But most of the time, on any given day, there are both good and bad alignments formed by the planets at the same time. When this happens, it is necessary to weigh the power of the good alignments against the power of the bad ones. The Magi Society has a simple rule for dealing with this problem.

This decade ephemeris features daily longitudes for the planets, as well as 5-day intervals for the asteroids and Eris. There are daily Declinations for the planets. With no Quicksilver calendars, you will need the Daily Aspectarian set for Greenwich, UK time to show you which aspects are happening for each day. We are taking advance orders for the ephemeris. Order yours now to get it as soon as it is in print.

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