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Virgo Men Virgo man is gentle, practical, helpful and sympathetic by personality traits, the Virgo men often face criticism for being finicky as they are very particular about how they want things to be and also expect others to stand up to their expectation levels. Organising and arranging come naturally to them, so you will rarely get disappointed when you expect the Virgo to find order within chaos.

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What are other characteristics of Virgo man? Read on to know the Virgo men better. The ruling planet of this Zodiac Sign is Mercury, the guardian of the mind. Hence, the Virgo are very intelligent and attentive individuals, and won't forget details they consider to be important. They are also creative and imaginative individuals who like to keep themselves busy with various types of artistic pursuits.

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Before they take any decision, be it about a trivial matter or a crucial, life changing step, they need to analyse every single detail and know all the facts because their perception is their reality. This makes the Virgo men quite slow when it comes to decision making. Rational that they are, the Virgo men are good at problem solving and are able to settle disputes justly and in a peaceful manner. In fact, it is in their very nature to help people in distress find an equilibrium in life.

They treat everyone equally, with respect and attention. They are kind-hearted people who would act against injustice.

Virgo Man, Virgo Men Characteristics, Love & Relationships

Analytical and intellectual, the Virgo men are also romantic at heart. Their idea of romance may not fit into the typical explanation of a love affair, though. Sorting out their sweetheart's finances, cooking her favourite dish, driving her to her friend's house etc. In case, you haven't come across the love of your life, you may avail fully personalised Natal Chart based astrologer generated - Love Prospects report — this personalised report will help you to find love in your life.

The Virgo men have a tendency to become overly critical, harsh, inflexible and conservative in their outlook.

Every argument of theirs is backed by solid logical explanation, which is why they are often judgmental, not just with others but also with themselves, and extremely stubborn. It is hard for them to forgive and let go of wrongdoings of others. Are there issues in your life you can't tell to anyone about?

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If yes, feel free to share them with our expert astrologers so that you can obtain unbiased analysis of your Kundali with reference to your problems - Love - Ask A Question — which will be answered by an astute astrologer basis your Natal Chart, and so you will receive fully personalised answers that are specific to you. They are blessed with really sharp memory.

Luckily, they are not vengeful and immature, and hence, they will not start a brawl or get back at people who hurt their sentiments. They will simply avoid interacting with them. If you want to know the reliable and precise Virgo men in detail, please read the Virgo description. It will indeed help understand the people born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo better.

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