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Hanuman Puja is usually organizes to get rid of all the worries. Astrologer Ramji Ji organizes Hanuman Puja at your home,. Our astrologer Pandit Ramji Ji is specialized. Do you feel like something negative has been surrounding you always? Sometimes, minor conflicts turn into major ones and torn the beautiful relationship of husband-wife apart!

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If you are also. What will you do now? How will you get your partner back? Your family is your all time support. You have been most thorough in your analysis and did a great job with answering follow up questions. Your analysis for physical attributes was right on and also your predictions for the times that have gone by. I will definitely be consulting you in the future. I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Ramji to be the family astrologer of anyone seeking to understand one self and the occurrences in their life. Thanks for your excellent and exhaustive report and detailed response to all my follow up questions.

I use Evolutionary Astrology to look at your birth chart and help you make choices that are inline with your path. I use AstroCartoGraphy otherwise know as Locational Astrology, to help you choose where to live and or travel that will best support your life and goals.

I blend this with strong psychic intuition to come up with practical solutions to the choices you are confronted with daily. By taking the time to truly understand you and the choices you have made, we can help you in your daily journey down your evolutionary path. Evolutionary Astrology is psychological in nature. Although the chart is your unique Soul map or blue print, how you use this tool is always a matter of choice. In your reading, I discuss how themes from prior lives relate to your present innate strengths and challenges with the intention of supporting you as you make informed decisions going forward.

Once I discovered that a little knowledge went a long way to understanding my beloved family and friends, I was hooked. A wonderful tool for self knowledge, an in-depth reading can guide you to making proactive, life affirming choices. Studying with Steven has deepened and brought a new level of understanding to my interpretations. I offer natal, transits and progressions, composite, synastry and tarot readings. More info is available on my website zodiacts. He holds an M. Eric is forging a career in the field of astrology as a unique voice for evolutionary spiritual growth.

The focus of his work is how astrology relates to and illuminates the process of spiritual awakening. Influences include the teachings of Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, a background in Transpersonal Psychology, as well as inheriting the wonderful teachings of various evolutionary and psychological astrologers. His deepest desire is to contribute to the renewal of astrology at this pivotal time in human history.

I was blessed to cross paths with a professional astrologer soon after graduating, and I packed up my bags to move to Seattle where I received personal mentoring for almost a decade. My experience has shown me that when people are aware of the energies operating in their natal chart, that understanding offers a perspective that is both validating of their experience as well as inspiring to their sense of purpose.

Steven Forrest's teachings have broadened and deepened my approach to readings, allowing me to look at the chart as an evolutionary process. We all come into this world with pain and fear; hopes and strengths. Astrology maps out the terrain of our consciousness, and points us to the higher ground. Visit my website to read my blog or learn more about the readings I offer.

Synchronistically, I discovered Evolutionary Astrology. With direct instruction and mentoring from an original pioneer in Evolutionary Astrology, I count myself well-schooled. For me, sharing the wisdom of the chart is my sacred responsibility as the Evolutionary Astrologer. Each chart that I endeavor to read is an opportunity to share. If you would like to share in the wisdom your natal chart holds for you, contact me!

I use the zoom online platform to do live, long-distance readings with excellent audio and video quality. I love Evolutionary Astrology. Respectful of free will, cognizant of the difference between fate and destiny, it is a powerful tool to help you get to know yourself at the deepest level , understand and embrace your life purpose, and guide you to be the best version of you.

Every one of my readings is two hours long and includes beautiful color printouts and 2 audio files in CD or flash drive. A thorough description of your talents and strengths, your lessons and challenges in this lifetime, as well as the purpose for which you chose to be born. A Life Cycles reading is an in-depth review of your current developmental stage and how the moving planets will influence your life in the next two years.

A helpful guide with precise timing of when specific lessons and opportunities will arise. Let me know if I can help you too.

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My focus in school was on apocalyptic — or Plutonian — passages, and the ways astrology and ritual might be used to assist us through these passages at the individual and collective levels. I use astrology to help clients understand their path and purpose, as well as their challenges, setbacks, and constructive ways forward. I also use astrology as a starting point through which we can dive into the delicious worlds of dreams, the alchemy of relationship, and uncovering unconscious contents. I see astrology as an integral component of shadow work, which lets us all shine our lights a little brighter!

I believe that we are all on this earth right now to uncover as much truth as we ca — to feel and heal our grief and our pain, and to celebrate the mystery that is the human experience.

The New Age of Astrology

Astrology provides a profoundly direct way of accessing this level of healing and transformation. I studied astrology off and on over the years while focusing on a career in science. In , I attended my first Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program, and ever since have been intensively devoted to working with astrology while still pursuing my Ph. After teaching extensively at the college level, and at the gym I teach spinning, indoor rowing, and will soon be certified as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine I realized that my true calling was to combine my love of coaching clients to improve their physical bodies with the emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of life using astrology.

You can take the high road or the dark road. You can stretch yourself and choose a life of joy, or stay stuck in a path that you are comfortable with but may no longer be working for you. Your astrological chart is key to understanding your past and future options. I look forward to meeting and helping you! The key to our spiritual evolution is to align the two; Evolutionary Astrology provides direction for this goal.

Christine believes Evolutionary Astrology provides a unique opportunity for self discovery through our natal chart. If we can explore inwardly and release the potential we hold within, our soul has an opportunity to live in harmony with ourselves and also the planet. We can utilise our strengths and identify our life challenges with more skills to propel us on a journey of personal self discovery and life fulfilment.

This awareness also helps us both personally and in deepening our personal relationships.

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She has studied extensively including Counselling, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, so has a passion for health and wellbeing with the emphasis on body, mind, spirit connection. She has been operating her own natural therapies clinic since House, Moon in Aquarius in House, Venus in the 1. To look at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself and your activities in your life. I believe that a higher perspective will always give you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow and helps you ride the wave more joyfully.

Astrology gives you specific information on how to enliven and integrate these parts your life. The practical and spiritual dimensions of life must interpenetrate for you to actualize your full potential. I can help your mind remember what your heart has always known. My name is Nate Newcomer, I am a full time professional astrologer, husband and father. I have an educational background in Theology, Jungian Psychology and Philosophy. What distinguishes our practice, is that we offer a truly innovative, state-of-the-art, never before seen method to delivering this life changing information.

We have developed a technique that helps visual and auditory people fully integrate their astrological data by using a full scale movie projecting system that takes the two-dimensional symbols into a vibrant, simple-to-understand presentation, allowing the client to objectively synthesize this information alongside a professional interpreter. It is a book designed for conscious individuals, couples and parents. Specializing in readings for moms, babies and children, I take the basis of knowledge I learned from Steven and Jodie to create illuminating evolutionary astrology readings.

My personalized readings are a wonderful way to explore how you, as a parent, can support your childs individual path through life. An individual birth chart reading can help you understand the places where your child shines and how you can actively create an environment for them to thrive. To begin the process we start with your Astrology Blueprint. Astrology is the oldest science practiced by our ancestors and it is the road map of your life — the blueprint — and is formed by the placement of the planets at the moment of your birth.

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Having an Astrology Blueprint gives you the key to unlocking your gifts, propensities, past life unhealed wounds that you brought into this incarnation along with the pot holes in every aspect of your life. The truth is: we do play a large role in what happens to us. It is our individual responsibility to decide whether we want to be active participants or just let life happen… I invite you to begin the journey of discovering your deeper self with an Evolutionary Astrology reading with me.

She is the founder of Astrology Heals, and the creator of Manifesting with Moon Cycles, Moon-based guided meditations that help healers and visionaries optimize natural rhythms of healing and change. Oh, and I have a solid training in clinical and social psychology and a huge respect for scientific method, so some of the entertainment I provide is based in actual psychological research. Most of my clients describe me as an artist, a teacher and a storyteller. I describe myself as a guide who is willing to go into the depths so that you might know your self more deeply.

Phone and in-person sessions are recorded and CD is part of the package. From astrology to shamanic technique it is likely that we will locate an avenue you can move along effectively which suits the current moment. It was during that I became interested in astrological technique.

Over the last few years I have facilitated the shamanic technique into my living focus. Since I have facilitated a weekly astrological group which meets in Port Townsend, Washington. The story of your life which comes to light through and astrological discourse can be invigorating as well as challenging. During the process you will have to face yourself and perhaps some of the issues you have been avoiding. As well, there will be moments of enlightenment and a hopeful and hearty chuckle at some of the foibles you put yourself through.

Depending on the direction and depth you wish to go in, the conversation that we may share will occupy a couple of hours. What we will open up I consider sacred space and is never shared specifically with others. Taking it one step further, your individual natal "chart" drawn from the moment you took your first breath on Earth, provides a map to the underlying desires of the soul.

This "road map" offers a lens into the energy dynamics seeded at birth trying to emerge during your lifetime. Unraveling the mysteries is a wonderful experience and I feel blessed to walk beside clients in their life journey. My goal is to help others by illuminating the connections from their charts with the changing sky. Empowering people to open up their connection to all that they are and can be. Her current focus combines traditional with modern techniques, keeping an eye on mundane physical realities.

Through her website she publishes a list of monthly antiscia and articles. Outside astrology, Kate volunteers providing emotional support to women living in prison and is a professional visual artist. I have been an acupuncturist since I began very seriously studying astrology during my own crisis and quest of deepening my understanding of the evolution of consciousness at the beginning of my first Saturn return in I have since then voraciously incorporated astrological principles into my one-on-one healing practice.

I personally found that astrology is the best self-learning tool available. It also became apparent that the study of astrological archetypes helped in my understanding of Chinese Medicine. This combined with the realization of the fundamental truth that we are first and foremost spiritual beings is what was paramount in helping me through my own crisis of being.

In my life and my healing practice I combine this with the one thing that I have studied longer and that is the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner. The astrology based on his spiritual work is known as Astrosophy. In my practice I combine the wisdom contained in these systems with the ancient healing arts of acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu. This enables working with a client on all levels of being including the physical. It is a powerful method of helping to restore wholeness. This requires a one-on-one hands on approach, but does allow for great flexibility in treatment possibilities.

Clients praise her approach which is powerful, clear and down to earth.

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Call me to explore how Evolutionary Astrology can guide you to embrace your strengths and trust in yourself and the larger Universe. There are times in our lives when we need help to see hope and meaning coming from our experiences. Let Evolutionary Astrology help you discover that light. PAUL H. Bliss is our birthright. Evolutionary astrology is a profound and subtle art that helps us achieve that state of conscious being. He has deep roots in Native American, Celtic, and Christian spiritualities; Mythology; archetypal psychology; art, ritual and symbol; shamanistic tradition; and dream work.

Through an imaginal dialogue with the soul via the birth chart, Paul seeks to enhance your awareness and use of the divine tools and abilities you have been given, so that you can create a life of passion, purpose, and meaning. Find out why we are all so excited about it by contacting me now for a personal reading and forecast. The both of them have brought evolutionary astrology to the forefront in the astrological world. Evolutionary astrology has given me clarity and understanding about my life. From my training and life experience, I can show clients how evolutionary astrology can help them successfully navigate their life.

Individual and relationship consultations; new-born chart analysis for parents. Signal St. This celestial knowledge can help change lives here on earth, mine as well as many of those with whom I work. I am particularly interested in the synastry of the chart as it relates to the family into which we are born.

By using the chart as a guide for defining the perceived roles, similarities and differences with the family structure, a wider viewpoint can be gained. This in turn helps us nurture our own true life story. For a reading and further questions please contact me. Thank you. My soul chose to come here in order to fulfill its divine purpose. And gave me a map to navigate the whole thing. Prior to this awakening, I spent 20 years striving and achieving in the corporate world.

It left me physically exhausted and spiritually empty. I immediately shifted gears and became an Evolutionary Astrologer so I can share this valuable information with everyone who seeks to know it. Today, I use my marketing experience, MBA training, intuition and Evolutionary astrology know-how to help people find their true calling and live it. Or anywhere that has wifi. Steven Forrest has been her first and only teacher and she really is very familiar now in constructing a karmic point of view. Through her experience she discovered that knowing is not enough, the soul must feel, and the unconscious must be heard and recognized in order to use our tools efficiently.

She works with vibrations of sound for many years now. Bearing in mind that vibrations creates matter and the reality we live in, and that we are the vibrational manifestation of the solar system at the time of our birth, she developped after years of studying and practice a planetary constellations to balance the vibrations within the human psyche and to release the soul from the karmic influence shown in the nodal story.

Through the comprehension of our birth chart we really can understand our fears and difficulties. Fears are real, even if we do not remember where they come from.

The soul just feels the eco of that experience which still vibrates in the psyche. Her aim is to change that vibration, bringing it on the surface first in order to transform fears into our greatest potential. She lives in Switzerland but works in Italy as well. Her courses not only offer theoretical information but also a vibrational experience of the manifestation of our personal birth chart. She speaks Italian, English and French. That map is your astrological chart. Craig will help you interpret this map using dialogue, myth and humor. His aim is to assist you in discovering what your soul is here to experience.

This process will also help you release trauma, recognize choices, and live the life you were meant to live — a life filled with vitality and joy. My approach to astrology is to infuse conscious choice into the landscape of the chart. I unravel the themes of the chart to clear obstacles and support motivation, work towards change and action and realize the potential of the flowing blueprint. Astrology helps to reconnect with your soul purpose and create awareness and empowerment.

Evolutionary astrology looks at the karmic wash you bring into this life to fine tune the path ahead. I have multiple diplomas in astrology and have trained with Steven Forrest in the Australian Apprenticeship Program. I also have studied and practice other modalities in the mind, body, spirit field. I further believe that Evolutionary Astrology in particular can offer us a real chance at using Astrology so as to experience profound healing, growth, and empowerment in our lives. I relocated to the Providence, RI area in late in order to more fully focus on my real interests, and I now offer both in-person consultations and sessions conducted at a distance via email and Skype.

Please take a look through my website, and contact me directly to set up an appointment. I value every opportunity I get to help a client transform that impenetrable-seeming buzz of symbols called a birth-chart into a wellspring of useful self-knowledge. I look forward to working with you! Yet, when we reach this time, we have not all had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with symbols of the Cosmos. She served on the Board of Kepler College, one of the first accredited colleges with astrological studies as a base. Linda brings a practical, therapeutic approach, always seeking metaphysical tools to make life better.

Website: www. A cosmic reflection of the human presence. Thru the mind of man, the mind of the universe comes alive and the gift of astrology, the seeing of oneself becomes available. A language of symbols, astrology can be mysterious to many. The birth chart is the map of the lifetime, the story of the person; laying out the terrain of the life, revealing people and experiences, challenges and opportunity.

Very importantly the purpose and path for soul evolution. The level of self awareness gained through understanding the planetary symbols, combined with free will, creative and conscious intention, astrology can be an insightful and empowering tool to navigate your life; creating one that is rich with personal meaning, joy, and authenticity. Many books and classes followed. I have been a professional astrologer since Within the Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas I give readings in person.

For further information, please visit my website. I have been a student of Astrology since I started to teach beginning astrology in I currently have a private astrology coaching practice and teach ongoing astrology principles classes in the Tahoe area. My astrology work is deeply rooted in shamanic healing practices, intuitive work, Jungian Psychology, and the work of Edgar Cayce.

I encourage you to record your session and take notes. If you are unable to record your session I will record it for you. They help us see our strengths and challenges in a new light and give us the tools, awareness and perspective to move forward in an empowered direction. It uses a self-reflective and developmental approach that views our life path as one that we grow toward through our own choices and free will, rather than via fated events over which we have no control. In his practice was profoundly deepened by the principals of Evolutionary Astrology.

His clients range from stockbrokers to stand up comedians. His deep understanding of the creative process makes him an excellent choice for artists of all kind. Our phone session together would aim at helping you gain more insight around relationship, career, and life direction issues, with particular emphasis on the Nodes.

Although most of my readings are done by phone, I do see clients at my home office near Newport, R. Please feel free to call or email me with questions. In this time I've received training from a variety of amazing teachers I started working with Steven in I am also a tarot reader and herbalist, specializing in flower essences. I received my magical training with Reclaiming in San Francisco, beginning in , and have taught magical classes nationwide.

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I have received advanced training and degrees in many modalities of healing from the Mckinnon Body Institute and the Acupressure Institute. I have an M. I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing the magic and mystery of the stars and planets! She has been reading charts professionally for six years, though her fascination with astrology has been life-long. Sibyl offers a variety of services including natal charts, transit and progressions and composite and synastry charts.

She deeply believes in the validity of astrology for expanding self-understanding and for gaining insight into the challenges one faces in life. She lives with her partner, four cats and two dogs in the central city. Evolutionary astrology makes sense of the deeper yearnings and challenges of your soul and can shed light on your unique path toward greater fulfillment.

You will walk away feeling deeply seen, empowered, and excited to take your best next steps. I hold college degree in philosophy with minor in psychology and pedagogy. I am conversant in all major psychological schools and mystical traditions especially Zen Buddhism, Advayta Vedanta and European mysticism. I can send a recording of the session to you. My studies in education and astrology have both been 40 year journeys. My favorite way to use astrology is to assist parents who are struggling with concerns about their children.

I believe that my experience in working with children and their parents, along with my astrological experience, offers a unique, positive, and forward- moving reading for parents about their child. References available. Astrology as a spiritual science affords us many gifts. If life is a journey, whether for this lifetime or multiple lifetimes, astrology is then a veritable roadmap or GPS, of and for the soul. Astrology, therefore, is our compass on this journey. Throughout our lifetime s , we encounter forks in the road which require choices.

Astrology provides understanding, lending to more conscious self-awareness, and hopefully, more conscious choices. It helps us to see ourselves and others as souls vs. We begin to have more compassion and less judgment for ourselves and those around us. Your path IS your Path. As your guide, my goal is first, to help you understand your Self, and second, to assist you in making choices that support your evolution.

It is my Life purpose. It would be an honor and privilege to serve you. She is also a certified massage therapist and certified yoga teacher in the Kriya lineage. She uses multiple esoteric approaches in her healing work including flower essences and gem elixirs. I use Evolutionary Astrology along with The Michael Teachings, The Tarot and Reiki to help people calm down, relax, heal and experience the essence of who they are.

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  • Evolutionary Astrology puts your life into its own unique context and shows you your most efficient and fulfilling path. It also shows you what to watch out for and what challenges are inherent on your path. What I love most about this beautiful art and practice is that it validates and celebrates YOU just as you are and with all your potential for improvement and expansion.

    You are so much more than your astrological natal chart-so much more that words cannot express your Great Mystery! But your natal chart can be a great pointer towards the essence of you, and it can help to ground you into your unique body, heart and mind so that you can confidently experience YOUR life and manifest more and more of your true nature. YES Do you work by telephone? YES Do you record your sessions? How do I change something in my life? It used to be that the daily newspaper horoscope was the proverbial candy that kept readers flipping to the back of the print newspaper.

    And now that Spotify is bringing astrology playlists to the app, will they be the extra honey that attracts even more listeners to the streaming service? Sites that run horoscopes, such as Broadly and The Cut, have said their columns see significant traffic increases. And celebrity astrologers sport hundreds of thousands of followers.