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Public speculation over cougars is so prevalent that DEC also has had to officially deny rumors that the agency has deliberately released the big cats to control the whitetail deer population. Official policy aside, there were more than 40 posts to the Cambridge-Greenwich Police Facebook page debating whether the cats are really in residence, with people claiming sightings in Bennington, Shushan and Spiegletown.

Others mocked the idea as akin to a "redneck" fantasy or seeing a Bigfoot. In late , a pound wild mountain lion passed through Lake George, coming within a minute car drive of the Village Hall. State officials recorded cat tracks in the snow that were the size of saucers but did not inform local officials the predatory cat was on the prowl. Federal wildlife officials later used DNA to trace the young male's origin to South Dakota, and said its 1,mile cross-country trip went through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan on the way through the Capital Region and beyond.

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The following June, the animal was hit by a car and killed crossing a highway in Connecticut. DEC officials acknowledged it was the same animal. Mountain lion attacks on humans are rare. A twice annual magazine featuring summer menus June-October and winter menus November-May. Full size detailed maps of the region, an extremely popular item at welcome centers across the area!

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The Mountain Times is, and has always been, a family-owned independent newspaper located on Route 4. After a few years, Pickett sold the paper to Andrew Neisner, who moved the offices east to Route 4 in Killington, across from the Post Office. Physicists Joseph Fourier and Jean-Baptiste Biot alongside astronomer Johan Karl Burckhardt spearheaded the investigation, but were puzzled by the constellations depicted on the zodiac.


Were they actual astronomical calculations depicting the movements of the stars, or were they merely symbolic representations? France was beginning its study into the world of archaeoastronomy.

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Figure 2. Sketch of the Dendera Zodiac Public domain. The Dendera Zodiac is the only circular depiction of astronomy to be found within Egyptian antiquity. All other references to the zodiac or astrology are either square or pyramidal in shape and design. The zodiac itself depicts the days of the Egyptian year, with thirty-six decans arranged in a circular fashion.

A decan represents one-third of the duration of a zodiacal constellation. Twelve signs with three decans each means thirty-six decans in total. This is a metric that western astrologers continue to use to this day. Renowned English Egyptologist Gerald Massey was able to reconcile each of the traditional western zodiacal signs with an Egyptian counterpart.

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Looking at the Dendera Zodiac, the ram of Aries corresponds with the ram-headed deity Amun. For every constellation in the traditional western zodiac, there is an Egyptian equivalent with the same symbolism; ranging from Khnum the goat with the same characteristics as Capricorn, to Atum, the lion-headed deity that bears resemblance to Leo. The image of Isis carrying Horus in her arms is synonymous with the constellation of Virgo, and bears resemblance to the image of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus.

Figure 3. The important question remains; what were these symbols meant to convey, and what importance did the Ancient Egyptians place on them? For the Egyptians, each zodiac sign corresponded with a season of the year that was believed to be ruled over by a specific deity. The scarab beetle signifying Cancer was symbolic of summer, while the scales of Libra signified the autumnal equinox.

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You may notice that although all twelve of the constellations appear in the Dendera Zodiac, the placements of some are somewhat distorted and skewed. The crab of Cancer Number 39 in the image seems to have been deliberately placed towards the center of the zodiac, resulting in a spiral-like configuration of the zodiac. It is uncertain why this choice was incorporated into the design; the Cancer month may have held a particular significance. To the Egyptians, each season had a unique effect on the passing of days within the day calendar.

The hours in a day were not measured in a static and fixed fashion, but were subject to change from season to season. The zodiac also depicted the movement of the star Sirius; a star of foremost importance to the Ancient Egyptians.

Sirius rising from the horizon marked the beginning of the New Year, however this date would change by eight and a half days every thousand years. The sign of Aquarius was given great importance, as it represented the sign of inundation, signifying a time of flood.

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The Egyptians would use Sirius as a marker to indicate when the annual flooding of the Nile would occur, in what we would now call the month of June. Figure 4. Without a doubt, Ancient Egyptians placed a great deal of importance on astronomy and the movement of the heavens, however, where did the construction of the zodiac itself fit on the timeline? Charles Dupuis, a pre-French Revolution scholar believed Egyptian astrology originated as far back as 14, years ago; 10, years earlier than the commonly accepted timeline of BC. The configuration of the patterns on the zodiac indicated a strange feature; the arrangement of the constellations shows a date that occurred at least years prior to construction of the zodiac itself.

The solstice between Gemini-Cancer shows the position of an ecliptic that should have existed in BC.